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Qualified by Bobcock Power Services lnc. / TEi Services USA

Qualified by Bobcock Power Services lnc. / TEi Services USA

2019/03/21 13:44
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On February 5, 2019, DFYP passed the audit of qualified suppliers of BOBCOCK POWER SERVICES and TEi SERVICES.
On February 5, 2019, DFYP passed the audit of qualified suppliers of BOBCOCK POWER SERVICES and TEi SERVICES.
The content of the audit includes the comprehensive management capability, quality system, contract review procedure, and design & document management procedure, manufacturing process and quality control, HR management and personnel training mechanism, etc. After careful examination by Mr. E. Rowlands - an expert, he spoke highly of it, and successfully passed their examination platform and was listed in the list of qualified suppliers. He said that our cooperation has a bright future.
Through this review, promoted the company's management level, and laid a good foundation for future competition in the international market.