Corporate culture

The LOGO of Dalian Oriental Yipeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. implies Chinese culture and corporate culture


       In order to strengthen the strategic planning and strategic layout of Orient Yipeng Company, comprehensively improve the company's brand strategy and brand image, and enhance the recognition, reputation and popularity of the international community and Chinese and foreign merchants, the company officially launched the new version of the LOGO of Dalian Orient Yipeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. from October 1, 2022, the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the National Day that celebrates the national jubilation.

1、 LOGO planning theory of Oriental Yipeng Company

LOGO is not only an important carrier of corporate logo, but also a powerful visual symbol of enterprises. The LOGO of Dongfang Yipeng Company is based on the traditional theory of "the sky is round and the place is round" in ancient China, combined with the nature of the industry and the scope of production and operation of Dalian Dongfang Yipeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., grafted with the company's legal representative and the company's senior executives' business philosophy, using the physical and chemical of the Book of Changes and the Taiji thinking of the Book of Changes, so that the company's LOGO bears the nimble and implied induction of the three yuan and nine movements and the Heluo mathematical theory, and carries the company's business philosophy in multi-dimensional space Strategic choice, value orientation, big data factory, intelligent manufacturing, whole-process management and deep corporate culture.

2、 LOGO composition of Oriental Yipeng Company

The company's LOGO is composed of the Chinese and English name of Dalian Oriental Yipeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the earth and two concentric circles.

3、 LOGO shape and color of Oriental Yipeng Company

The company's LOGO is circular in shape, and its color is composed of yellow and blue. The circle means success and success. Blue symbolizes infinite rationality, profound tranquility and technological innovation. Yellow symbolizes happiness, harvest hope and wealth.

4、 Oriental Yipeng's LOGO Chinese culture and corporate culture

1. Company name in English and Chinese:

English: Dalian Oriental Yipeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Chinese standardized abbreviation: Dongfang Yipeng

English: Dalian Oriental Roc Equipment Manufacturing co.,LTD

English abbreviation:OREMC

The chairman and legal representative of the company, "Pengwan", implies that the company is smart manufacturing, bigger and stronger, with strong assets, doubled profits, and is superior to the rest of the world. Therefore, "Oriental Roc" is translated into English as "Oriental Roc".

2. The company logo is composed of two concentric circles. The inner circle is across the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Outer circle part: The upper part is Dalian Oriental Yipeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Below is English Dalian Oriental Roc Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD. The 21st century is the Pacific century. Dongfang Yipeng is a modern equipment manufacturing enterprise with import and export qualifications, implying that its products will be based in Dalian, radiate China and go to the world.

3. The company's LOGO is round, with five lines of gold. The earth's continent is yellow, and yellow is gold. Gold is the fortune of corporate executives. The equipment manufacturing equipment produced is made of metal materials, which is also gold for wealth. In the inner circle, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean are vast oceans, and the ocean flows ceaselessly with the rotation of the earth. The company's senior executives are told that the five elements like water, and gold can produce water. Water is the fortune, source and treasury of corporate executives' numerology. The figure and color complement the five elements of corporate executives' numerology.

4. The company's LOGO reflects the traditional theory and corporate culture of "round sky and place" in China.

The distance should not be square; If the gauge is not correct, it cannot be round. Square is the backbone of life, and round is the best way to deal with the world. To be a man, you should be inside and outside; To do things, we should follow suit. It implies the corporate culture and humanistic connotation of Dalian Oriental Yipeng. Strengthen corporate governance, improve the legal person system, strengthen enterprise management, build a new development pattern, build a data chemical factory, and strengthen intelligent manufacturing. We should combine square and round, respond to changes with changelessness, respond to changes with changelessness, and achieve the corporate governance system of "people-oriented, square and round" and the harmonious state of corporate development.

5. The company's LOGO embodies the symmetry principle and harmony theory.

The company logo is composed of two concentric circles. With the dot as the center, any diameter can divide the circle into two harmonious and symmetrical parts, implying that the company is united in the same direction, the same direction, the same pursuit, the same heart, the complete achievements and brilliant career.

6. The company's LOGO embodies environmental protection technology and the Chinese dream.

The inner circle of the company's logo is the earth across the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, with the Eurasian continent as the main body, including the Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, and the South China Sea, implying that the 21st century is China's century and the Chinese dream of achieving great rejuvenation.

The blue font symbolizes quiet and profound, scientific and technological innovation, implying that Oriental Yipeng will increase scientific and technological research and development, speed up the drive of innovation and development, establish production, research and research bases with colleges and universities, produce green, environmental protection, high-tech equipment manufacturing products, and make greater contributions to building a beautiful China, protecting the environment, and protecting the earth on which mankind depends for survival.

       Oriental Yipeng is a warm home in pursuit of common ideals. The hardworking and hardworking Yipeng people are striving for self-improvement, striving hard, daring to be the first, willing to shoulder the burden, striving for progress, and seeking development to create a new era of Yipeng. The company adheres to people-oriented, trains excellent employees with corporate culture, improves brand effect with excellent employees, promotes scale development with brand effect, pursues enterprise benefits with scale development, and agglomerates excellent talents with enterprise benefits. The company has established a perfect talent management system, established party, league and trade union organizations, and often organized and carried out colorful corporate cultural activities. For the development of Yipeng, we will continue to reserve strength and achieve a perfect win-win situation of social and economic benefits.

       The scale of Dongfang Yipeng continues to expand, but its firm belief has not wavered. In the future, the company will follow the rapid pace of science and technology, keep pace with the times, go with customers, operate with benevolence and make with precision. With the determination to move towards the world, the company will establish the "Yipeng" brand and first-class service to win customers at home and abroad.