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  Oriental Yipeng is a warm home pursuing common ideals. The industrious and hard-working Yipeng people strive for self-improvement, strive hard, dare to be the first, bear heavy burdens, strive for progress and seek development to create a new era of Yipeng. The company insists on people-oriented, cultivates excellent employees with enterprise culture, promotes brand effect with excellent employees, promotes scale development with brand effect, pursues enterprise benefit with scale development, and condenses excellent talents with enterprise benefit. The company has established a sound talent management system, established party, League and trade union organizations, and regularly organized and carried out colorful corporate culture activities. For the development of Yipeng, we should constantly reserve our strength to achieve a perfect win-win situation in social and economic benefits.
  Oriental Yipeng has been expanding in scale, but its firm belief has not been shaken. In the future, the company will keep pace with the pace of science and technology, keep pace with the times, keep pace with customers, run by benevolence and make fine works. With the determination to go to the world, the company will win customers at home and abroad by launching "Yipeng" brand and first-class service.