Visit of Yizhong Group - State-owned enterprises and private enterprises complement each other's advantages and move forward together

    On August 31, Feng Xiaoming, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the First Heavy Group Dalian Nuclear Power and Petrochemical Co., Ltd., led the technology, quality assurance, strategic planning and sales departments of the First Heavy Group Dalian Nuclear Power and Petrochemical Co., Ltd. to visit the enterprise for exchange and docking, and comprehensively communicated with the enterprise's development and market prospects.




Yipeng Company introduced the advanced experience of private companies to Yizhong Group. Yizhong Group said that in the future cooperation, Yipeng and Yipeng departments should communicate more, so that state-owned enterprises and private enterprises can complement each other and move forward together in the development process. At the same time, Yipeng Company also takes Yizhong Group as an example to find the gap and strengthen management and construction in system construction, staff quality, plant appearance and other aspects.

At the meeting, Secretary Feng pointed out that "meet the needs of users at the lowest cost." Low-cost, high-quality, and user satisfaction are also the ultimate goal of private enterprises.


    The next day, Liu Xinyu, General Manager of the Strategic Planning and Investment Department of Yizhong Group Co., Ltd., led the delegation led by Liu Jinhong, Chief Accountant of Yizhong Group Dalian Nuclear Power and Petrochemical Co., Ltd., to visit Yipeng Company. Conduct in-depth exchanges on development strategies, objectives and cooperation ideas for the next three years. At the same time, in terms of cooperation with Yizhong Group, Yizhong Group and Yipeng Group are doing a lot of preparatory work to achieve the strong combination of enterprises.

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