Kindle hope and convey warmth

  --The company organizes charity donation activities

While we were celebrating the Spring Festival, bad luck suddenly hit the wife of Wang Jianfeng, the director of the first workshop of our company. On the second day of the New Year, she was hospitalized for acute cerebral hemorrhage. An ordinary family could not afford the high medical expenses, and the whole family suddenly fell into a dilemma. Knowing this, some employees donated money to them at the first time. On the first day of the first month, the labor union of the company sent a donation proposal to all employees, which quickly set off a wave of love giving that ignited hope and delivered warmth in the company.


After hearing this news, Chairman Xing Pengwan of the company learned about the treatment for many times and took the lead in donating 10000 yuan. All departments and workshops actively participated in the donation. As of February 20, a total of more than 480 people had donated more than 80000 yuan. The love of the company's employees helped the family at the first time, and the patients received timely assistance. On February 21, Comrade Wang Jianfeng sent a thank-you letter to all the employees of the company, thanking the company's leaders and colleagues. Their support and help helped his family regain confidence and see the hope of getting through the difficulties.


This is the case with Dongfang Yipeng. We always regard cohesion as the first step to carry forward the corporate culture. We sincerely care for and care for every employee, and strive to make every employee feel the warmth of the big family of the enterprise. The big family of the enterprise will also continue to create new brilliance with the joint efforts of all family members!


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