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The 2020 year-end summary and commendation conference was successfully held

The Jade Rat did not leave, but the Taurus held its head high to welcome the spring. Say goodbye to the unforgettable year 2020 and welcome the new year 2021. On February 6, the leaders and functional departments of Dongfang Yipeng Company held the summary and commendation conference for 2020 in the hall on the first floor of the company.

At the meeting, General Manager Li Jun summarized the work of the whole year in 2020 and the implementation of various indicators issued by the company, and reported the economic indicators designated by the company in 2021.

In 2020, under the leadership of the Chairman Xing Pengwan, the company united and took "innovation, reform, and development" as the purpose, fully implemented the 2020 production task, and achieved an output value of 428 million yuan. The manufacturing level of the enterprise has been continuously improved: the total output was 18486.6 tons, and the contracted order was 652 million yuan, creating the highest level since the establishment of Yipeng Company. New breakthroughs in marketing work: CNPC Guangdong Jieyang Project contracted a single order of 150 million yuan, laying a good foundation for the realization of the annual operating objectives. In 2020, the annual order was 652 million yuan, up 38.1% year on year; The annual collection was 475 million yuan, up 15.3% year on year.

New progress has been made in technological innovation, and the research and development of independent calculation strength of threaded ring, independent drawing design and tower supporting platform design have been increased; It has completed the research and development of projects such as tube winding and skid products in continuous cooperation with Dalian University of Technology; 22 self-developed patents have been declared. Remarkable achievements were made in procurement management, with 29532.99 tons of procurement completed and 19.536 million yuan of accumulated cost saved throughout the year. In terms of safety and environmental protection, the company has obtained the pollution discharge permit issued by the environmental protection department, completed the review of ISO14001 environmental management system/OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and was rated as excellent in the year-end evaluation of the enterprises of Lvshun Development Zone Emergency Management Bureau in 2020. The financial department strives to shorten the reverse loan cycle and save a lot of capital interest. The quality inspection department has guaranteed the qualification rate of the ex-factory products.

At the same time, General Manager Li pointed out that we should have a clear mind and fully understand the current production and operation situation, and put forward the general requirements for 2021 work of "innovative thinking, positive response, down-to-earth and scientific development".

In 2021, we will focus on improving the enterprise management system, establishing and improving the business process system, and improving the internal management level of the enterprise, taking this opportunity to promote the listing of enterprises. Take the realization of production indicators as the core, and refine the process control of production organization. Based on the existing market, actively tap the market potential, and constantly explore new "new product market" and "overseas market" fields. Prevent all kinds of risks, enhance financial control ability, implement lean management, and accelerate digital transformation to achieve high-quality development with the application of nail software as the starting point.

The development of Oriental Yipeng Group is inseparable from the hard work of front-line employees, the efficient management of department heads, and the active progress of advanced teams. In the second item of the meeting, the leaders of the company presented awards and took photos for the annual recognized labor model, advanced producer, post pacesetter and advanced team.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Xing summarized and pointed out that: looking back to 2020, the company continued to develop steadily and rapidly. Looking forward to 2021, we should explore and innovate, keep pace with the times, write a new chapter with a new attitude and new pace, and send greetings and holiday wishes to all family members of the company!                                                       
    After the meeting, the company organized the distribution and receiving of year-end benefits for employees.

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