The company's first environmental protection new product "high pressure heat exchanger"

The delivery ceremony of the new environmental protection product "high-pressure heat exchanger" developed by our company was held. This equipment belongs to the "sludge supercritical oxidation environmental protection project". It is the first environmental protection device to realize zero discharge of sludge and waste treatment in China. It will be widely used in the environmental protection fields such as pharmaceutical, oil refining and other industrial sludge treatment and waste treatment and discharge.

According to Zhang Fubin, a senior engineer of the company, this equipment will change the state of sludge, garbage and other solids under high temperature and pressure to obtain clean, green and environmentally friendly substances. The product has solved many technical problems from design, research and development to manufacturing, and is applying for many patents. The first batch of 14 "high pressure heat exchangers" will be put into petrochemical enterprises.

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