Company Profile

Dalian Dongfang Yipeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Lushunkou National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Dalian. It is a high-tech private enterprise in Dalian. The company was established in 2002 with a registered capital of 107.89 million yuan. The company's products cover petroleum refining, petrochemical, coal chemical, natural gas, new energy, new materials, nuclear industry, military industry and environmental protection.

The company has A1 level pressure vessel design and manufacturing capacity, and has become a high-tech manufacturing enterprise of pressure vessels represented by high pressure vessels, hydrogenation reactors, vaporizers, large towers, nuclear industry vessels, thread locking ring high pressure heat exchangers, and wound tube heat exchangers, with an annual production capacity of 50000 tons of pressure vessels. Dongfang Yipeng Company is not only an important equipment supplier of PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC, but also an important supplier of petroleum and coal chemical enterprises such as China Nuclear Corporation, China Coal Group, China Guodian Corporation, China Chemical Corporation, China Datang Group, Shenhua Group, Yanchang Group and ENN Group.

Dongfang Yipeng has actively responded to the national "double carbon" policy, and has successfully developed new materials (degradable plastics), new energy (lithium battery photovoltaic) and other markets. It is an important supplier of Zhejiang Petrochemical, Dongfang Shenghong, New Zebang, Zhongtai Chemical and other listed companies.

Dongfang Yipeng Company covers an area of 158000 m2. The R&D comprehensive office building covers an area of 12000 square meters, with a production area of 7000 square meters, a heavy container workshop of 31000 square meters, a heat exchanger workshop of 10000 square meters, a clean workshop of 7000 square meters, and a wound tube heat exchange workshop of 2000 square meters. It provides broad development space for the company's procurement, production, manufacturing, warehousing, research and development, and office work.

The company enjoys superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is 2.8km away from Dalian Lushun New Port, 1.5km away from the expressway, 60km away from Dalian High speed Railway North Station, and 50km away from Dalian Airport. It provides convenient conditions for business negotiation, cargo transportation and modern logistics of the company.

The company has more than 500 sets of various manufacturing equipment, the maximum lifting capacity is 600 tons, and the cold coiling capacity of heavy plate rolling machine is 250 mm. 9 single and double wire narrow gap automatic welding machines, 8 strip electrode welding machines, 4 saddle shaped nozzle automatic welding machines, small caliber nozzle inner wall butt welding machines, dozens of pipe head argon arc automatic welding machines, two 50 ton welding positioner, 5 m, 10 m CNC vertical lathe, 4 m × 12m CNC boring and milling machining center, 8 double spindle plane CNC drills, the maximum drilling depth of deep hole drills is 750mm, 6m × 7m × The 25 meter computer program controlled heat treatment gas furnace, 9 megavolt linear accelerator, TOFD non-destructive tester, Spike spectrometer, physical and chemical inspection and testing center, advanced technology and well matched equipment ensure the manufacturing quality of products and help Yipeng's products to be refined.

Dongfang Yipeng has always been standing on the height of revitalizing national industry, taking the promotion of China's equipment manufacturing industry as its own responsibility, and has become a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation and service after 20 years of refined skills and persistent pursuit of industry prospect technology. The company has more than 100 medium and senior technicians, more than 700 professional and technical workers, including more than 300 senior welders. More than 30 skilled workers have won the title of Dalian Technical Worker.  

In order to inherit the technology and spirit of craftsmen from large countries, the company has set up a welding laboratory and a welder training center, and has a number of domestic leading welding technologies, 38 mm diameter small diameter inner wall surfacing technology, heat exchange tube deep hole welding technology, 120 mm stainless steel wide band electrode surfacing technology, double wire narrow gap welding technology, and more than 1200 welding process qualifications. The company has 47 patented technologies, the patented technology of electroslag single-layer surfacing with electrodes on the inner wall of the cylinder, the patented technology of design and manufacture of large diameter spiral baffled plate heat exchanger, the design of large multi stream wound tubular heat exchanger, and the patented technology of anti-corrosion of shell and tube heat exchanger.

Dongfang Yipeng Company has increased its investment in science and technology, and has successively cooperated with Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Sinopec Dalian Petrochemical Research Institute and other universities and scientific research institutions to continuously improve the scientific and technological content of products and high added value. Now, Dongfang Yipeng has become the teaching practice base and postgraduate training base of Dalian Maritime University. In December 2020, Dalian Dongfang Yipeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "China Industry University Research Cooperative Innovation Demonstration Enterprise" by China Industry University Research Promotion Association.

Empty talk is harmful to the country, and hard work is beneficial to the country. In order to improve the enterprise's technology research and development capability, the company has equipped the technical center with SW6, PVELITE NSAS and other strength calculation software, ANSYS stress analysis software, HTRI thermal calculation software, SOLID WORKS three-dimensional design software, with mature design experience in screw locking ring, Omega ring type, diaphragm sealed type, multi stream wound tube type, spiral baffle plate heat exchanger and hydrogenation reactor, high-pressure separator, and large tower.

Dongfang Yipeng Company has obtained the following certificates: Production License of Special Equipment of the People's Republic of China (Class A1 large high pressure vessels), Design License of Special Equipment of the People's Republic of China, ASME U, U2 Code Certificate of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 Quality System Certificate, GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015 Environmental System Certification GB/T28001-2011/OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety System Certification.

In order to expand overseas business, Dongfang Yipeng has successively obtained JSRS Oman National Petroleum Network Access Qualification Certificate and UAE National Business Green Certificate. And signed long-term cooperation agreements with major petrochemical companies such as Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

With the enterprising spirit of continuous innovation, pursuit and pursuit, Dalian East Yipeng Company has not only become the main supplier of petrochemical enterprises such as CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, and the qualified supplier of CNNC Group, but also exported its products to countries and regions in the world such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Argentina, etc.

With advanced manufacturing technology, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, high-quality and reliable product quality, and honest manufacturing duration, Yipeng Company has been successively awarded the title of "China's Market Quality Product", "Top 100 Suppliers in China's Petrochemical Industry", "Liaoning Province's Independent Innovation Famous Product", "Liaoning Province's Best Integrity Enterprise", "Top 100 Reputation Excellent Enterprise", "Dalian's Contract abiding and Credible Enterprise", "AAA Credit Enterprise", "Dalian Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise", "Dalian Excellent Enterprise of Industry, University and Research", "Liaoning Excellent Enterprise of Industry, University and Research", "China Demonstration Enterprise of Industry, University and Research Cooperation and Innovation" and other honorary titles.

Now, Dongfang Yipeng Company has not only become a training base for college students, but also solved the employment problems of a large number of college students and workers in Dalian, becoming a large taxpayer in Dalian Lushunkou National Economic and Technological Development Zone. Yipeng Company has signed a photovoltaic energy conservation and emission reduction cooperation framework with Guodian Investment, and has actively built itself into a green factory demonstration enterprise in Lushunkou Development Zone, Dalian, creating good economic and social benefits for the country and society.

Although affected by the epidemic for many years, Dongfang Yipeng Company has also made gratifying achievements. In order to plan for long-term development, the company plans to be listed on the New Third Board in 2023; In 2025, it will be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange to realize capitalization operation.

Government comes from "integrity" and performance comes from "industry". Today, the world is in a century of change. Dongfang Yipeng Company is speeding up the construction of a new development pattern, improving its innovation strategic planning, focusing on the key links of innovation capability, strengthening key core technology tackling, improving the level of innovation technology, improving the company's gradient cultivation foundation, strengthening production, education, research and innovation, strengthening enterprise data reform, and building a network of innovative high-end think tanks, Establish MES manufacturing execution management system and ERP enterprise management information system, accelerate the promotion of innovation strategy, and resolve to push the national high-tech equipment manufacturing industry into the 21st century.

"How many things are urgent? The world is changing. Time is pressing. Ten thousand years is too long. Seize the day!"

Mr. Xing Pengwan, Chairman of Dongfang Yipeng Company, sincerely welcomes leaders from all walks of life and Chinese and foreign guests to visit and negotiate business.