Dongfang Yipeng, as the co-organizer, jointly held the "hydrocarbon processing" technical exchange meeting

October 20-October 22

The "hydrocarbon processing" technical exchange meeting jointly held by Dongfang Yipeng and the hydrocarbon processing cooperation group and other units was a complete success.


On the afternoon of the 20th, the "hydrocarbon processing" technical exchange meeting group visited Dalian Oriental Yipeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


This visit is centered on the theme of "production technology, processing and manufacturing",

By visiting Dalian Dongfang Yipeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., we will enrich the contents of the "hydrocarbon processing" technical exchange meeting, show our enterprise style, promote exchanges with the industry, and create new opportunities for cooperation and development.


Visit the machining, container and other workshops to understand the company's products and pressure vessel operating environment.


On the evening of the 20th, a welcome dinner was held at Binhai Villa,

Wang Xuejing, the general manager, delivered a welcoming speech and warmly welcomed the arrival of experts and leaders.


From the 21st to the 22nd, the "hydrocarbon processing" technical exchange meeting was held as scheduled.


There was an endless stream of consulting customers in front of the Yipeng booth, and the staff of Yipeng gave a warm reception and detailed introduction.

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