Sunrise, 90000 miles east, "Yipeng"

    --Chairman Xing of the company as the "Dynamics of Private Economy" (special issue of the two sessions)

In 2021, the cover character will receive an exclusive interview

In the first year of Liaoning Province's "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" and the proposed 2035-year long-term goal, Dongfang Yipeng closely followed the policy and goal of our province to focus on the development of the real economy, accelerate industrial revitalization, and promote the high-quality and long-term development of the manufacturing industry. Enterprises invested heavily in the purchase of CNC management equipment, improving production efficiency, reducing production and operating costs, significantly improving the speed of innovation, and the total production reached a new high, Become an outstanding representative of private enterprises in technological innovation in Liaoning Province. According to the first report of "Private Economy Dynamics" (special issue of the two sessions) in 2021, Chairman Xing of the company was invited to be interviewed as the first person at the beginning of the new year of the magazine.


The article comprehensively reviews the arduous development process of the Oriental Yipeng Company, and its achievements are amazing. At the end of the 1980s, Chairman Xing reviewed the situation and went into business overseas, studied the industry with open and innovative thinking, looked up to the overall situation, and expanded and extended the upstream and downstream industries; The port city of Lvshun, which built the factory in Dalian, is determined to move forward in the tide of the new era, and will develop Dongfang Yipeng into a major domestic pressure vessel supplier integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing and sales.

The article quotes the classic quote of Chairman Xing, which is rich in words and resounding: private enterprises should strengthen the leading role of party building in their development; To scientifically predict and ensure production tasks; We should inherit the spirit of craftsman, improve quality and increase efficiency; We should build an elite team, attach importance to technology and cultivate talents; We should move forward in thinking, strategic layout, and seek steady and long-term development.

The article points out that development means efficiency and development means future. The party group of Dongfang Yipeng, represented by General Manager Wang Xuejing, assisted the Chairman to accurately define the current situation and development direction of the enterprise, and formed a new situation of the enterprise with party building, people-oriented culture and industry-research cooperation. Since its establishment, the party committee of the company has always adhered to integrating the party building work into the overall environment of enterprise development and regional development to plan, promote and implement; Give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members and the fighting fortress role of Party organizations. The company always practices the people-oriented culture, attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents, and is committed to building industry elite talents; Improve the living environment of employees and create a harmonious and warm enterprise atmosphere. In recent years, the company has adhered to the path of combining production, learning and research, and has cooperated closely with Fushun Petrochemical and Dalian University of Technology to transform equipment into industrial products; It has also established good cooperative relations with Luoyang Engineering Company, Beijing SEI Petrochemical Engineering and other eight major domestic chemical design institutes, and has become a demonstration base for industry-university-research cooperation.

In 2020, under the attack of the COVID-19, and against the backdrop of the national economy turning from decline to rise, Dongfang Yipeng will be unique among many equipment manufacturing enterprises forced to stop production. Its economic benefits will increase instead of decrease, and it will also reflect the foresight and scientific decision-making power of Chairman Xing vividly! We firmly believe that in the future, under the leadership of Chairman Xing, Dalian Oriental Yipeng will be able to create a new development speed and miracle!

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